Procurement Overview Meeting - Questions and Answers

Procurement Overview Meeting
Questions and Answers
Massachusetts School Building Authority
September 21, 2017

1.  Question: Is there anything that precludes firms that have submitted a Response to the Request for Responses (RFR) to Provide Building Commissioning Services from submitting a Response to the Request for Responses (RFR) to Provide Designer Services?

Answer: No.

2. Question: If a district has a boiler project in addition to a roof and/or window and door project will the district be assigned one Designer who has been approved for all categories of work?

Answer: Yes.

3. Question:  Would the MSBA consider assigning a Consultant to a district based on the consultants past work with a district? 

Answer: No. The MSBA completes the consultant assignment process each year for the districts invited into the Accelerated Repair program using the process posted on the MSBA’s website.

4. Question: Can districts proceed into design development prior to the execution of a Project Funding Agreement?

Answer: Prior to the execution of a Project Funding Agreement, a district can proceed into design development at its own risk.

5. Question: Does the MSBA assist Districts in determining how much money should be appropriated for the designer’s fee, the schematic design phase, and the design development phase?

Answer: The MSBA encourages districts to review the Total Project Budgets of past Accelerated Repair projects similar in scope and building size.  This information can be found on the Accelerated Repair Program tab on the MSBA’s website.  The standard contract for the Owner’s Project Manager includes assisting the district in the negotiation of the design contract with the Designer assigned to the project.

6. Question: Have you considered expanding the Accelerated Repair Program beyond the replacement of roofs, windows/doors, and boilers?

Answer: The Accelerated Repair Program continues to be for the repair of roofs, windows/doors, and boilers.

7. Question: Are accessibility upgrades to a building included in the Accelerated Repair Program?

Answer: The review of accessibility upgrades as required by code is noted in the Accelerated Repair Program Syllabus and is required to be investigated as part of the feasibility study/schematic design by the district and its Designer.
8. Question: Does the MSBA provide districts with an overview of the Accelerated Repair Program prior to the assignment of consultants? 

Answer: After a district files a Statement of Interest for the Accelerated Repair Program, the MSBA visits schools that meet the qualifying conditions to confirm the existing conditions of the systems that the district is seeking to repair or replace.  During the site visit MSBA staff provide an overview of the program.  In addition, when the consultant assignment is made, the MSBA distributes the Accelerated Repair Program Syllabus included on the website and advises Owner’s Project Managers to review it with their districts.

9. Question: If there are questions about the Owner’s Project Manager and Designer Request for Responses, who should they be addressed to?

Answer: Questions concerning the Owner’s Project Manager and Designer Request for Responses (RFR) must be submitted by the Questions deadline stated in the RFR to the RFR contact person, Siobhan Tolman, in writing via letter or email. No telephone calls concerning the RFR are permitted.