October 2, 2013 Board Meeting Information

Board Meeting Power Point Presentation

Board Meeting Press Releases


  • Accelerated Repair Project Removal
District School Scope Invitation Date
Lenox Morris School Roof June 5, 2013
Lenox Memorial
Middle and High School
Roof June 5, 2013
District School
Springfield Chestnut Accelerated Middle School
District School
Beverly Briscoe Middle School
Mount Greylock Regional School District Mount Greylock Regional High School
  • Recommendation for Preferred Schematic Design
District School Scope Estimated Total Construction Estimated Total Project Costs
Boston Henry Dearborn Middle School New $52,571,000 $68,400,000
Josiah Quincy Upper School New $186,164,674 $261,643,227
Gloucester West Parish Elementary School New $30,272,866 $39,849,587
Milford Woodland Elementary School New $49,046,445 $61,308,056
  Totals $318,054,985 $431,200,870
  • Invitation to Project Scope and Budget
District School Scope Total Project Budget Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grant
Athol-Royalston Regional Riverbend
Elementary School
New $43,931,363 $26,011,620
Lynn Thurgood Marshall
 Middle School
New $92,000,000 $49,690,902
Newton A.E. Angier Elementary School New $37,500,000 $10,839,093
Winchester Winchester High School Add/Reno $129,923,146 $42,106,263
Winthrop Winthrop High School New $80,206,549 $39,559,237
  Totals $383,561,058 $168,207,115

Project Status


District School Scope Basis for Total Maximum Facilities Grant Final Total Facilities Grant
Chelmsford Chelmsford High School Green Repair $1,537,454 $758,119
Fitchburg Fitchburg High School Green Repair $1,156,181 $924,945
Memorial Middle School Green Repair $1,798,455 $1,438,764
South Street Elementary School Green Repair $1,508,271 $1,206,617
Reingold Elementary School Green Repair $1,009,010 $807,208
Lowell Peter W. Reilly
Elementary School
Green Repair $467,844 $374,275
Weston Weston High School Green Repair $827,140 $256,413
Westport Alice A. Macomber
Primary School
Green Repair $470,518 $217,191
Westport High School Green Repair $1,482,829 $684,474
Woburn Goodyear Elementary School New Construction $21,158,219 $11,469,871
  Totals $31,415,921 $18,137,877