November 16, 2011 Board Meeting Information

Board Meeting Power Point Presentation


  • Capital Pipeline Project Removal
District School Invite Date
Fitchburg Crocker Elementary School November 28, 2007
  • Recommendation for Preferred Schematic Design
District School Scope Preliminary Design Pricing - Estimated Total Construction Estimated Total Project Budget
Greenfield Greenfield High School Renovation $40,127,148 $49,152,578
Lynnfield Lynnfield High School  Addition  $3,466,000  $4,500,000 
Springfield  Elias Brookings School  Renovation  TBD  TBD 
  Mary Dryden Veterans Memorial School  Add/Reno  TBD  TBD 
Wakefield  Galvin Middle School  New  $57,572,588  $70,641,565 
    TOTAL  $101,165,736  $124,294,143 
  • Invitation to Project Scope and Budget


District School Scope Total Project Budget Estimated Total Maximum Facilities Grant
Adams-Cheshire Adams Memorial Middle School (Middle/High School) Amended PFA $40,561,257 $28,243,131
Assabet Valley Assabet Valley Vocational High School  Renovation $62,434,488  $33,099,495
Marshfield Marshfield High School New – Model  $103,858,839 $49,225,401
Somerset-Berkley  Somerset-Berkley Regional High School New – Model  $82,826,617 $50,068,817
Southwick-Tolland-Granville* Southwick-Tolland Regional High School Add/Reno  Walk-in Walk-in
Wilmington Wilmington High School New $82,688,115 $37,993,245
    TOTAL  $372,369,316 $198,630,089

*Newly formed Regional School District 

  • Green Repair Project Removal
District School Scope Invite Date
Pioneer Valley Bernardston Elementary School Boiler February 9, 2011
  • Authorization to Execute Project Funding Agreement – Green Repair Program
District School Scope Estimated Total Project Budget Estimated Total Maximum Facilities Grant
Marlborough Francis J. Kane Elementary School Windows $1,042,685 $555,240
  Marlborough High School Roof, Windows, Boiler $7,108,684 $3,842,041
  TOTAL $8,151,369 $4,397,281


District School Scope Total Project Budget Total Facilities Grant
Conway Conway Grammar School Green Repair $1,353,450 $594,472
Dartmouth James M. Quinn Elementary School Green Repair $1,358,304 $573,035
Wakefield Memorial High School Renovation $942,035 $97,758
    TOTAL $3,653,789 $1,265,265