November 9, 2016 Board Meeting Information

Board Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

Board Meeting Press Releases


District School
Belmont Belmont High School
Danvers Ivan G. Smith Elementary School
Dennis- Yarmouth Regional School District Mattacheese Middle School
Foxborough Mabelle M. Burrell Elementary School
Ludlow Chapin Street Elementary School
Northbridge W. Edward Balmer Elementary School
Pentucket PentucketRegional High School
Weymouth Maria Weston Chapman Middle School
  • Ammendment to Feasibility Study Agreement
District School
Braintree East Middle School
Boston Josiah Quincy Upper School
  • Authorization to execute PFA-Accelerated Repair
District School Scope  Total Project Budget Estimated MaximumTotal Facilities Grant
Carver Carver Middle-High School Roof, Boiler, Window/ Door $5,608,559 $2,747,959
New Bedford John A. Parker Elementary School Window/  Door $8,336,514 $3,095,218
  Totals $13,945,073 $5,843,177
  • Recommendation for Preferred Schematic Design
District School Scope Estimated Total Construction Estimated Total Project Costs
Lynn Pickering Middle School New $145,835,940 $183,297,809
  Totals $145,835,940 $183,297,809
  • Invitation to Project Scope and Budget
School Scope Total Project Budget Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grant
Bourne Peebles Elementary School New $39,919,041 $14,686,949
Newton Cabot Elementary School Addition/ Renovation $48,999,776 $13,636,546
  Totals $88,918,817 $28,323,495


School Total Project Budget Total Facilities Grant
East Bridgewater Blackstone Millville RHS $2,445,669 $1,356,227
Norton     Norton High $34,589,955 $20,495,177
Norwood     Cornelius M Callahan $485,809 $156,269
Quincy     Francis W Parker $1,309,639 $808,484
    Lincoln-Hancock Comm Sch $2,521,196 $1,204,634
Stoughton     Helen Hansen Elementary $1,157,112 $426,859
Joseph R Dawe Jr Elem $1,363,925 $497,728
Sutton Sutton Middle School $60,130,536 $26,396,554
Totals $104,003,841​ $51,341,934


  • Executive Director Report (see the Board PowerPoint Presentation)
Project Status Updates


  • Sales Tax Collection Update
  • Grants Payments
    • FY2017 YTD Update
  • Results of the 2016 B and C Pricings
  • Authorization to Fund up to $50m Lump Sum Payments for Prior Grant and/or Annual Waiting List Payments | Vote
  • Budget
    • FY2016 and FY2017 Budget Update