Designer Roundtable, Proposed Topics for Future Meetings

Proposed agenda topics for future meetings:

  • Presentation from Facilities Manager Association regarding best practices and lessons learned
  • Operation and maintenance of existing buildings
  • Completed projects - lessons learned
  • MSBA process presentations on:
    • Incentive Points
    • Enrollment Process
    • Schematic Design Process – MSBA perspective on submittal process
    • Special Education Submittal Process – requirements and process
    • Change Orders: eligibility determination and overall trends
    • Sustainability
      • Community planning in early phases
  • Building maintenance and operation expectations
  • Comparison of approach between CMR and DBB methodologies
  • Educational programming questionnaire to inform design
  • Existing buildings maintenance and operations by MA-CHPS in sustainability
  • Commissioning: process, scope, and performance
  • FFE and Technology Allowances
  • General discussion and comparison of CMR and DBB process, to include discussion of benefits based on project type

Proposed agenda topics for potential joint discussions to include OPMs and Contractors:

  • Evaluation of project quality at project completion with a focus on warranties, O&M manuals, training, commissioning, and effective tracking and resolution of punch list and corrective work
  • Proprietary items in specifications
  • Standard general & supplementary conditions
  • Alternates and unit prices (bidding) and eligibility for reimbursement
  • Model Schools Task Force findings