Task Forces

Productive Partnerships

Accommodating 21st Century Educational Needs

The MSBA seeks the advice of outside experts and stakeholders as it develops policies to maximize Massachusetts taxpayers’ return on their investment in school buildings. As part of a proactive approach to ensuring that the Commonwealth’s school buildings can effectively accommodate 21st century educational needs, the MSBA has assembled several task forces to inform the public of its work in key areas.

Maintenance Task Force
As part of the MSBA’s focus on the life cycle cost of Massachusetts school buildings, this Task Force is working to preserve taxpayers’ investments by:

  • Identifying benchmarks that could be used to ascertain what defines good, average or poor building maintenance practices
  • Compiling resources on best practices to help school districts achieve excellence

Regionalization Task Force
The Regionalization Task Force was convened to identify barriers to regionalization and potential means of overcoming those barriers. The MSBA Board of Directors has already approved a Task Force recommendation to offer up to an additional 6 percentage points in reimbursement for school districts that join to form a new regional district.

Vocational-Technical Education Task Force
Regional vocational-technical high schools offer complex educational programs that require a specialized approach. This Task Force is developing recommendations for assessment criteria that can be applied in the evaluation of individual schools.

Model School Program Task Force
The Model School Task Force was created to provide recommendations for supplementing and improving the Model School Program. For more details on this task force, go to our Model School Task Force page.

Science Lab Task Force
The Science Lab Task Force has developed recommendations on the design of efficient and cost-effective high school science laboratories that meet state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education standards. The Task Force has also focused on recommended fittings, fixtures and equipment. See the Presentation and Science Lab Prototypical Plans.