Owner's Project Manager Monthly Reports, September 2016

Owner's Project Manager Monthly Reports by Firm

Status of Compliance and Timeliness

Quarter Ending, September 30, 2016

The OPM contract requires that a project manager representing a school district submit monthly reports updating the MSBA on the progress of the project. To be considered complete and on time, the reports must be submitted to the MSBA online system by the 12th of the month following the reporting period and a hard copy, with required attachments and signatures, must be received by the MSBA by the 25th of the month. The MSBA has recorded and summarized each firm’s performance in meeting this requirement as noted below.


  • 1 point = submitting online and hard copy OR hard copy only
  • 0 points = submitting nothing OR submitting only online


  • 1 point = submitting online by 12th of the month and submitting hard copy by 25th of the month OR submitting hard copy only by the 12th of the month
  • .5 points = submitting online and hard copy after the 12th of the month OR submitting hard copy only after 12th of the month
  • 0 points = submitting only online OR submitting no report for the month

To view a summary of the information for each OPM please click on the link below for the selected OPM firm or city/town employee: