Building commissioning involves an independent third party testing a building’s systems and materials and the operation of the building as a whole. The MSBA requires and pays for the entire cost of building commissioning for all MSBA-funded projects. MSBA commissioned buildings undergo an intensive quality assurance process that begins during design and continues through construction, occupancy, and operations. Commissioning ensures that the new building operates efficiently and as the owner intended. Commissioning also prepares the building staff to operate and maintain building systems and equipment.

Benefits of commissioning for the District include:

  • Construction cost savings
  • Improved coordination between design, construction, and occupancy
  • Fewer system deficiencies at building turnover
  • Energy savings
  • Improved indoor environmental quality

Building commissioning is a critical component in any “green” building program including LEED and MA-CHPS. The process employs several strategies to reduce a building’s energy use. Early in the design phase, energy issues are discussed among the project team. In design review, they look for design issues that may have an impact on maintenance accessibility or lead to inefficient system operation and wasted energy.