Project Advisory 52, October 2017

Updated Space Summary Template

To further understand design concepts that contribute to a successful school and non-programmed spaces, MSBA staff has updated its space summary template to include a new section titled Non-Programmed Spaces, which includes the following categories:

  • Other occupied rooms;
  • Unoccupied MEP spaces;
  • Unoccupied closets, supply rooms, and storage rooms;
  • Toilet rooms;
  • Circulation, which includes: corridors, stairs, ramps, and elevators; and
  • Remaining areas, which includes exterior walls, interior partitions, chases, and other areas not listed above.

Areas associated with the first five bullets above are to be calculated and included in the spaces provided on the space summary template for proposed areas that are 'existing to remain/ renovated', new, and total. This information is not to be provided for existing conditions.

Areas associated with the sixth bullet above 'Remaining areas', are not to be calculated and are assumed to be equal to the difference between the Total Building Gross Floor Area and the other calculated areas in the proposed building.

Areas associated with the 'non-programmed spaces' are required for schematic design and all subsequent submittals that include a space summary. Non-programmed space areas are not to be included in Preliminary Design Program or Preferred Schematic Report submittals.

The MSBA is looking to gather this information to inform further analysis. The template can be downloaded here, or found on the Module 3 - Feasibility Study page. Use of the updated space summary templates is required for all core program projects for which the District submits a Schematic Design submittal to the MSBA in anticipation of approval of a proposed project scope and budget after January 1, 2018.

The updated Project Funding Agreement Budget Revision Request form allows the MSBA to determine ineligible/cost/scope items that are excluded from the Total Facilities Grant as either newly excluded scope or an exclusion being transferred from previously excluded scope.

If you have any questions, please contact your Project Coordinator.