Module 4 – Schematic Design

Module 4 – Schematic Design

Schematic Design Guidelines

Based upon the completed Feasibility Study and the steps outlined in Module 3 Feasibility Study, the District and its team, in collaboration with the MSBA, develop a robust schematic design of sufficient detail to establish the scope, budget and schedule for the Proposed Project.  The MSBA generates a Project Scope and Budget Agreement that documents the project scope, budget, schedule and MSBA financial participation to forward to the MSBA Board of Directors for their consideration.  Approval by the MSBA Board of Directors is required for all projects in order for the MSBA to enter into a Project Scope and Budget Agreement and a Project Funding Agreement with the District.  Refer to Module – 5 Funding the Project for additional information.

The following documents are available to assist the District: 

At the January 27, 2016 Board Meeting:

  • Four Districts submitted schematic designs to the Board and were invited to enter into Project Scope and Budget Authorization with the MSBA (Billerica, Granby, Minuteman Regional, Mount Greylock Regional).
  • According to the most recent data and schedules provided to the MSBA by districts, MSBA staff anticipates that four districts will appear before the Board for Project Scope and Budget Agreement authorization at the upcoming March and May Board meetings (Dedham, Newton, Stoughton, Quincy).