Project Advisory 85, December 2023

Update to the MSBA's Educational Program Requirements and Facilities Assessment Subcommittee Guidance Memorandum 

Please be advised that the Massachusetts School Building Authority (“MSBA”) has updated the Educational Program Requirements document as well as the Facilities Assessment Subcommittee (“FAS”) Guidance Memorandum. The updated versions are available on the MSBA’s website and can be found on the Educational Facility Planning page and Module 3 – Feasibility Study page (under “Building With Us”). The FAS Guidance Memorandum can also be found on the Facilities Assessment Subcommittee page (under “About Us”).  

The updated Educational Program Requirements document incorporates revisions to the overall formatting, clarification regarding the requirements associated with Teacher Planning and Professional Development and specifies that the names and titles of the individuals primarily responsible for developing the Educational Program be included. 

The FAS Guidance Memorandum has been updated to include an additional recommendation regarding district participation at FAS Meetings.