Capital Planning Data & Information: Project Information

The MSBA has prepared the following information to gauge and track the progress of SOIs that have been invited into the MSBA's Capital Pipeline:

Project Information:

Capital Planning Overview Report

Capital Planning Project Overview Report [PDF] The Project Overview Report presents status and recent activities of projects in the Capital Pipeline. The Project Overview Report serves as an update on the status of all projects in all phases and programs of the Capital Pipeline, from Eligibility Period to Final Audit Approved. This report is updated for each Board Meeting and includes the Project Status List, Estimated Bid Schedule, and Construction Status Report. These documents were last updated for the December 16, 2020 Board Meeting. Any questions about this report should be directed to Patrick DeAngelo.

Capital Pipeline Status Chart

Capital Pipeline Status Chart [PDF] The Capital Pipeline Status Chart provides the status of SOIs categorized in the MSBA's Capital Pipeline, as reported following the December 16, 2020 Board of Directors meeting.

Estimated Bid Schedule

Estimated Bid Schedule [PDF] This schedule provides information regarding completed and upcoming bid packages for 2020, 2021, and 2022. The information contained in the chart was updated for the December 16, 2020 Board Meeting. The dates included in the chart are estimates only and reviewers should contact the District for the most current information.

Consultant/Contractor Status Report

Consultant/Contractor Status [PDF] This chart provides information regarding the District, prioritized school, SOI status, OPM (if selected), Designer (if selected), Commissioning Agent (if selected), Construction Procurement Status, and the CM-at-Risk form or General Contractor (if available). The information contained in the chart was updated for the December 16, 2020 Board Meeting. Please note that all of the information has not been provided for some of the districts in the "audit" and "complete" status categories.