Board of Directors

The MSBA is overseen by a seven-member Board of Directors made up of individuals who bring with them decades of experience in a variety of fields, including educational facilities planning, school design, school building construction, educational standards, and finance. The Board approves projects through a diligent voting process ensuring that the MSBA’s limited funds are distributed in a responsible and fair manner.

The Board of Directors consists of the State Treasurer, Deborah Goldberg, who serves as Chairperson, the Secretary of Administration and Finance or his designee, the Commissioner of Education or his designee, and four members appointed by the State Treasurer.
The Board of Directors meets every other month. Each board member also serves on a subcommittee of the Board, which meets throughout the year.
Currently, the MSBA has three subcommittees. The Administration and Finance Subcommittee meets to review budgetary and financing matters. The Facilities Assessment Subcommittee meets to hear district presentations regarding proposed projects and provide feedback to districts before the project is presented to the Board. The Project Management Subcommittee meets to review audit appeals for MSBA projects.


Deborah Goldberg

Chairperson of the MSBA,

Treasurer and Receiver General of the Commonwealth

Richard Bertman

Appointed Member,

Founding Principal, CBT Architects

Sean R. Cronin

Designee of the Secretary of
Administration and Finance, 
Director of Finance, Executive Office for
Administration and Finance

Matt Deninger

Designee of the Commissioner of Education

Terry Kwan

Appointed Member,

former teacher and Brookline School Committee member

Greg Sullivan

Appointed Member,

former Inspector General




Appointed Member