Green Schools

The MSBA has established several sustainable green programs for all MSBA-funded projects, with an increased emphasis on reducing energy and water consumption. These programs include updated standards for new and major renovation/addition projects as well as improved sustainable requirements for repair projects. The MSBA also requires and pays for the entire cost of building commissioning for all MSBA-funded projects to ensure that these buildings operate efficiently and as designed.

The MSBA’s Green Schools Program provides incentives to a district to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability for new construction and major renovation/addition projects, using either the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Schools or the Massachusetts Collaborative for High Performance Schools criteria.

The MSBA’s updated Green Repair Program provides a new opportunity to apply sustainable standards to specific building systems such as, roofs, boilers and window systems. This new standard will use the Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code as a basis for those projects that include the replacement of these systems.

The MSBA’s green programs aim to encourage a high standard of sustainability for all MSBA-funded projects, providing financial incentive in the form of additional reimbursement of up to 2% of eligible project costs for new and major renovation/addition projects. The MSBA continues to monitor the effectiveness of its sustainable policies and make recommendations for improvement, with an emphasis on energy and cost savings, resulting in direct operational savings for school districts.