School Survey

The MSBA is pleased to announce the release of the 2016 School Survey Report. In the fall of 2016, architectural and engineering experts visited public elementary and secondary schools in the Commonwealth to assess the general condition of each building. The assessments evaluated several key factors, including: building condition, general environment, capacity, technology, security and maintenance.

The data collected during these assessments is just one of the factors used to determine which school facilities present the highest level of need and urgency, and the results are not the sole basis the MSBA uses to determine any district’s eligibility for funding. The buildings were evaluated regardless of whether or not the District has any plans for improvements or potential school projects. For the 2016 survey, buildings which were slated for upgrades or recently constructed in partnership with the MSBA were not assessed.

2016 Survey - Key Findings

Overall Massachusetts school buildings performed well in the primary scoring matrices. The figures below indicate a comparison of the 2016 School Survey data to the 2010 Survey:

School Survey 2016 - Building Condition
School Survey 2016 - General Environment
School Survey 2016 - Capacity

View the full 2016 School Survey Report here.

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