Accelerated Repair Program

As a result of the lessons learned from its Green Repair Program, the MSBA has instituted an Accelerated Repair Program ("Program") as part of its ongoing repair program. The Program is primarily for the repair and/or replacement of roofs, windows/doors, and/or boilers with the potential to include additional systems as may be determined by the MSBA contingent upon available funding and capacity in the capital pipeline. The Program focuses on the preservation of existing assets by performing energy-efficient and cost-saving upgrades, which will result in direct operational savings for school districts. In order to maximize the impact of this Program, districts are required to use pre-selected consultants. In addition, districts are required to appropriate funding quickly in order to adhere to an accelerated project schedule.

Districts that have repair needs in their school facilities that inhibit the cost-effective and energy-efficient delivery of the district’s educational program expressed interest in the Accelerated Repair Program through the MSBA’s Statement of Interest ("SOI") process. Since 2010, districts have been participating in our Repair Programs as indicated in the table below:

Repair Program Districts Schools Total Project Costs Maximum Facility Grants Number of Projects Final Audit Approved
2018 Accelerated 23 34      
2017 Accelerated 19 34 $117,020,597 $73,280,673 0
2016 Accelerated 28 48 $156,598,234 $83,007,586 0
2015 Accelerated 24 43 $136,680,652 $91,974,052 7
2014 Accelerated 34 47 $108,410,084 $65,388,035 31
2013 Accelerated 25 45 $94,650,790 $54,662,551 39
2012 Accelerated 24 36 $63,009,653 $38,267,952 36
Green 93 189 $366,647,226 $222,889,218 188

Accelerated Repair Program Overview

Annual Project History

Prerequisite Documents

Consultant Assignment

Schematic Design/Project Funding Agreement (PFA) Approval

DD/CD Submission Checklist

Construction & Closeout


Questions about the Accelerated Repair Program? Please contact Mike McGurl via email or at (617) 720-4466.