Module 7 – Construction

Construction Administration:  The MSBA continues to monitor the progress of the project to confirm that it remains on schedule and within budget and meets the expectation of both the District and the MSBA as defined in the Project Funding Agreement.  For the MSBA to process Reimbursement Requests submitted by the District, the project team is required to enter project budgets associated with the Amendment to the Project Funding Agreement into the ProPay System.  In order to easily align line items in reimbursement requests with ProPay codes and the Project Funding Agreement and, therefore, expedite processing requests, the MSBA is providing a sample standardized Schedule of Values to be used by the project team.

As the project progresses in the Construction Administration Phase, the District is required through its consultants to submit its Change Orders, executed and pending, in the format approved by the MSBA, as set forth in the January 2015 Manual for the Eligibility Review of Change Orders. The MSBA will determine which costs may be eligible for reimbursement. The District is also required to process related Budget Revision Requests in a timely manner.  It is important to note that all revisions to the Project Budgets that have been established in either the Feasibility Study Agreement or the Project Funding Agreement must be submitted to the MSBA for review and acceptance.  The commissioning agent continues to play an integral role in this phase, testing all systems to ensure that the new or renovated building as a whole operates efficiently and as the owner intended.  Project teams are reminded that the DCAM Standard Contractor Evaluation Form must be completed at fifty percent project completion and at final completion of the project.

Please note that the awarding authority (school district) is responsible for monitoring the Contractor’s compliance with Massachusetts prevailing wage requirements pursuant to M.G.L. c. l49 §§ 26 to 27H inclusive, and, pursuant to the terms of its contract, the Owner’s Project Manager is responsible for assisting the awarding authority with such monitoring, including cataloging and filing payroll affidavits.

As presented at the May 25, 2016 Board Meeting, 43 projects are in Construction. (This does not include the 49 projects that have reached substantial completion and are currently in the Building Completion phase).

  • 22 Accelerated Repair Program Projects
  • 1 Waitlist Project
  • 20 Core Program Projects:
Elementary School Districts Middle and Middle/High School Districts High School Districts Other Grade Configurations
Athol-Royalston RSD (PK-4)
Gloucester (K-5)
Milford (3-5)
Northborough (K-5)
Westfield* (K-5)
Middle School Districts
Chelsea (5-8)
Peabody (6-8)
Scituate (6-8)
Middle/High School Districts
Boston - Dearborn MS (6-12)
Lunenburg (6-12)
Winthrop (6-12)
North Middlesex RSD (9-12)
Pittsfield (9-12)
Plymouth (9-12)
Provincetown (9-12)
Winchester (9-12)
Abington (PK; 5-12)
Haverhill (K-8)
Holbrook (PK-12)
Worcester (PK-6)

*Note: Westfield, Abner Gibbs Elementary School, stopped construction in December of 2012 due to a preliminary injunction based upon project site status as Article 97 “Protected Land”.