Statutes & Regulations

The Massachusetts School Building Authority ("MSBA") is a quasi-independent government agency created by the Legislature and former State Treasurer Tim Cahill to reform the process of funding capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth’s public schools. The MSBA strives to create affordable, sustainable and energy efficient schools across Massachusetts.

The MSBA was created in 2004 to replace the former school building assistance program administered by the Department of Education (now the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education). The former program was unsustainable and had accumulated more than $11 billion in debt. 428 school projects were on a list waiting to begin construction, and communities that actually broke ground routinely waited years – sometimes decades – to receive their first payment from the state. 

MSBA Enabling Legislation

MSBA Regulations

  • This document reflects revisions to 963 CMR 2.06(7), 963 CMR 2.09(6), 963 CMR 2.10(3), 963 CMR 2.10(8), and 963 CMR 2.18(6) that were promulgated on November 28, 2008; revisions to 963 CMR 2.18 that were promulgated on October 17, 2009; and revisions to 963 CMR 2.04 and 963 CMR 2.06 that were promulgated on April 16, 2010. 

MSBA Regulations regarding the Emergency Statement of Interest Process, 963 CMR 2.09(6)