January 29, 2014 Board Meeting Information

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District School
Billerica Billerica Memorial High School
Carver Carver Elementary School
Hanover Sylvester Elementary School
Provincetown Provincetown Schools
Quincy Reay E. Sterling Middle School
Somerville Somerville High School
 Stoughton Stoughton High School
District School
Dedham Early Childhood Education Center
  • Authorization to Execute Project Funding Agreement – Accelerated Repair Program
District School Scope Total
Estimated Maximum
Ashland Ashland Middle School Partial Roof $3,325,396 $1,592,515
Henry E. Warren Elementary School Roof $2,433,426 $1,166,076
Barnstable Barnstable United Elementary School Partial Roof $1,162,490 $430,160
Regional School District
Millville Elementary School Roof $1,530,558 $830,778
Central Berkshire
Regional School District
Berkshire Trail Elementary School Roof $872,620 $448,276
Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District Dighton Elementary School Roof $2,535,117 $1,260,703
Dighton Middle School Roof $1,565,283 $733,696
Dighton-Rehoboth Regional
High School
Partial Roof $6,698,587 $3,327,379
Dorothy L. Beckwith Middle School Roof $2,827,207 $1,405,053
Easton Moreau Hall Elementary School Roof $899,834 $420,545
Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District Bessie Buker Elementary School Boiler $803,265 $322,726
Winthrop Elementary School Boiler, Window $2,256,507 $912,684
Hatfield Smith Academy Roof, Window $2,318,019 $1,091,870
Hopedale Memorial Elementary School Partial Roof $566,681 $257,819
Medford Medford High School Boiler $2,409,488 $1,263,549
Nashoba Valley Technical School District Nashoba Valley Technical High School Partial Roof $2,471,618 $1,215,717
Nauset Regional School District Nauset Regional Middle School Partial Roof $2,438,439 $869,326
Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical School District Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School Roof $3,273,620 $1,912,389
Pembroke Hobomock Elementary School Roof $2,644,041 $1,311,003
North Pembroke Elementary School Roof $3,512,241 $1,741,452
Pembroke Community Middle School Roof $2,336,614 $1,158,578
Pembroke High School Roof $3,445,231 $1,708,240
Pentucket Regional School District Pentucket Regional Middle School Roof, Boiler $1,668,387 $732,493
Quincy Merrymount Elementary School Window $744,726 $490,111
Wollaston Elementary School Window $921,904 $606,771
North Quincy High School Window $3,672,300 $2,413,632
Randolph Randolph Community Middle School Boiler $505,885 $326,256
Randolph High School Partial Roof $1,525,600 $1,047,154
Southern Middlesex Regional Vocational Technical School District Joseph P. Keefe
Regional Technical School
Roof $5,997,420 $3,903,440
Wellfleet Wellfleet Elementary School Roof $436,357 $151,296
Westhampton Westhampton Elementary School Roof, Window $1,117,517 $496,016
Worcester Worcester East Middle School Boiler $2,865,498 $2,064,010
  Totals $71,781,876 $37,611,713
  • Recommendation for Preferred Schematic Design
District School Scope Estimated Total Construction Estimated Total Project Costs
Haverhill Caleb Dustin Hunking Middle School New $50,025,600 $61,531,488
  Totals $50,025,600 $61,531,488
  • Invitation to Project Scope and Budget
School Scope Total Project Budget Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grant
Gloucester West Parish School New $39,574,111 $14,732,645
North Middlesex Regional School District North Middlesex
Regional High School
New $89,084,977 $39,373,276
  Totals $128,659,088 $54,105,921

Project Status


School Scope Basis for Total Maximum Facilities Grant Final Total Facilities Grant
Greenfield Four Corners Elementary School Green Repair $1,601,464 $1,264,356
Lowell High School Green Repair $916,886 $733,509
Medway Medway Middle School Major Repair $18,385,408 $9,337,949
Mendon-Upton Miscoe Hill Middle School Green Repair $2,554,956 $1,206,195
Nauset Regional Regional High School Green Repair $4,763,400 $1,777,701
Pentucket Regional Bagnall Elementary School Green Repair $2,144,094 $1,102,493
  Totals $30,366,208 $15,422,203