November 18, 2009

MSBA Board of Directors Meeting, November 18, 2009

  • MSBA 2009 Audited Financials
  • OPEB Liability
  • Sales Tax Update
  • Year-to-Date Expenditures to Cities, Towns and Regional School Districts
  • MSBA 2009 Series A/Series B Bond Deal
  • Transfers to/from Commonwealth
  • Commonwealth October 15 Revenue Revision - MSBA $27M Adjustment
  • Commerical Paper Program - Policy of Pay-Down with Current Resources

A. Invitation to Project Scope and Budget

B. Invitation to Feasibility Study

Exhibit B (includes all districts listed below)

  • Ayer/Shirley
  • Lunenberg
  • Boston: Upper Quincy High School
  • Gloucester: West Parish Elementary School
  • North Reading: North Reading High School
  • Pittsfield: Taconic High School

C. Recommendation for Preferred Schematic Design

D. Invitaion to Model School Program

  • School Closings