Facilities Assessment Subcommittee

July 13, 2011 Facilities Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

The Wilmington Public School District recently presented on the progress of their proposed project at the July 13, 2011 MSBA Facilities Assessment Subcommittee Meeting. 

Wilmington Public School District
Wilmington High School
Current Phase: Feasibility Study

Owners Project Manager: Joslin, Lesser & Associates
Designer: Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc.

The District, the Owner's Project Manager, and design team discussed the conditions of the existing Wilmington High School and presented study options that were evaluated as part of the ongoing feasibility study. The team presented several options that were initially explored during the study which ranged from various addition and renovation options to multiple versions of new construction on the existing site. New construction options on four possible alternate sites were also explored initially. Through a detailed evaluation of all of the options explored, two options were considered as viable options for further study. The two options include: (1) an addition and renovation to the existing building and (2) construction of a new building on the existing site. The District has indicated that their preferred option is to replace the existing high school with new construction given the current size, condition of the existing facility, and favorable preliminary estimated cost. The design team’s preliminary cost data estimates that a new building will be more cost effective and will reduce the duration of construction.

The Facilities Assessment Subcommittee raised concerns over the proposed square footage in certain areas of the proposed new program, specifically in the art, music, vocational, and auditorium areas. The MSBA is currently working with the District to better understand the programmatic needs of Wilmington High School to determine an agreed upon solution.