December 19, 2012 Facilities Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

The following Districts presented on the progress of their proposed project at the December 19, 2012 Massachusetts School Building Authority (the "MSBA") Facilities Assessment Subcommittee ("FAS") Meeting:

City of Revere
William McKinley Elementary School
Current Phase: Feasibility Study

Owner’s Project Manager: Collaborative Partners
Designer: Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc.

The District, the Owner’s Project Manager, and Design team presented an overview of the District’s design and site modifications subsequent to the approval by the MSBA Board of the District’s Preferred Schematic design on October 3, 2012. The team presented the changes made as a result of the feedback received from the FAS at the previous FAS meeting and the District’s concerns with its previously approved layout.  At the December 19th FAS meeting, the FAS and MSBA staff inquired about the following items: 1) sheltered drop-off area; 2) potential ability to isolate academic areas from community use areas of the building; and 3) location and adjacency of break-out spaces in terms of specific use and proximity to special education or academic areas where quiet space may be required.

MSBA staff is currently working with the District to reach a mutually agreeable solution to recommend to the MSBA’s Board of Directors.

Town of North Reading
North Reading Middle-High School
Current Phase: Feasibility Study

Owner’s Project Manager: PMA Consultants
Designer: Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc.

The District, the Owner’s Project Manager, and the Design team presented an overview of the current design as of the 60% Construction Document submission and the current construction cost estimate as it compares to the approved Total Project Budget in the executed Project Funding Agreement.  The District and its consultants presented their plan to resolve the estimated $4.5 million construction cost overrun, including a summary of Value Engineering items as well as deferred scope. The FAS inquired about the following items: 1) changes in layout from Schematic Design to 60% Construction Documents; 2) changes in educational program and proposed spaces from Schematic Design to 60% Construction Documents as they relate to the support and delivery of the educational program, specifically how the proposed spaces support the delivery of the District’s science, math, and technology course offerings; 3) vocational technical space as it relates to the computer labs and distance learning; 4) the Schematic Design estimate; 5) structural modifications; 6) the list of deferred items and associated costs; and 7) the schedule, including the appropriation of additional funds.

The MSBA will continue to work with the District to conclude its review of the District’s most recent submittal to determine if the current project is in compliance with the terms of the Project Funding Agreement or if the project must be returned to the MSBA Board of Directors for further consideration.