July 10, 2013 Facilities Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

The following District presented on the progress of their proposed project at the July 10, 2013 Massachusetts School Building Authority (the “MSBA”) Facilities Assessment Subcommittee (“FAS”) Meeting:
North Middlesex Regional School District
North Middlesex Regional High School
Current Phase: Feasibility Study
Owner’s Project Manager: Heery International
Designer: Symmes Maini and McKee Associates
The District, the Owner’s Project Manager, and design team presented an overview of the options studied during the Feasibility Study, the site, and a conceptual layout of a new 9-12 facility.  The FAS raised concernS about 1) an incomplete and contradictory education program as compared to the Preferred Schematic and 2) handicapped parking and drop-off zones with respect to the distance to the entrances.  The MSBA requested that the educational program and Preferred Schematic submittal be revised by the designer, reviewed by the Superintendent, and resubmitted to the MSBA as a condition of the approval of a Preferred Schematic.  The FAS and MSBA staff inquired about the following items: 1) construction schedule; 2) confirmation of Local Actions and Approvals requirements; 3) energy conservation; 4) greenhouse usage; and 5) completeness of floor plans related to the Preferred Solution. 
MSBA staff is currently working with the District to reach a mutually agreeable solution to recommend to the MSBA’s Board of Directors.