April 30, 2014 Facilities Assessment Subcommittee

The following District presented on the progress of its proposed project at the April 30, 2014 Massachusetts School Building Authority (the “MSBA”) Facilities Assessment Subcommittee (“FAS”) Meeting:

Town of Lunenburg
Lunenburg Middle-High School

Owner’s Project Manager: Joslin, Lesser + Associates, Inc.
Designer: Tappé Associates, Inc.

At the request of the MSBA, the Town of Lunenburg presented its revisions to the MSBA Board approved Schematic Design and Project Scope and Budget.  The District explained how these revisions impact the educational program, building layout, schedule, and budget.  The District also presented a timeline of local meetings, actions, and approvals related to the scope revisions.  They also provided an overview of how the revisions were presented to the community.

MSBA staff is currently working with the District to establish next steps for the Lunenburg Middle-High School Project.