March 12, 2014 Facilities Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

The following District presented on the progress of its proposed project at the March 12, 2014 Massachusetts School Building Authority (the “MSBA”) Facilities Assessment Subcommittee (“FAS”) Meeting:

Town of Plymouth
Plymouth South High School
Current Phase: Feasibility Study

Owner’s Project Manager: Ted Gentry Associates, Inc.
Designer: Ai3 Architects

The District, the Owner’s Project Manager, and design team presented an overview of the options studied during the Feasibility Study and the District’s preferred solution of a new Plymouth South High School. The FAS and MSBA staff inquired about the following items: 1) goals of the educational program and the conceptual layout of the building; 2) current and proposed Chapter 74 approved programs within the District; 3) proposed vocational clusters and how they are coordinated with the academic spaces; and 4) design features for community use.

The FAS requested that the District further develop its educational program and resubmit it to the MSBA.  MSBA staff is currently working with the District to reach a mutually agreeable solution to recommend to the MSBA’s Board of Directors.