May 24, 2017 Facilities Assessment Subcommittee

The following District presented on the progress of their proposed project at the May 24, 2017 Massachusetts School Building Authority (the "MSBA") Facilities Assessment Subcommittee (the "FAS") Meeting:

City of Boston
Boston Arts Academy
Current Phase: Feasibility Study

Owner’s Project Manager: PMA Consultants, LLC
Designer: Perkins Eastman

The City of Boston (the "City"), the Owner’s Project Manager, and design team presented an overview of the options studied during the Feasibility Study and the District’s preferred solution to replace the existing Boston Arts Academy on the existing site. The FAS, MSBA staff, and the District discussed: 1) a review of the scope and budget to reduce ineligible costs within the schematic design phase of the proposed project; 2) vocational/technical program adjacencies including the potential to combine Ch. 74 Programs (Fashion; Design and Visual Communications) and associated spaces to reduce square footage; 3) the Boston Arts Academy’s special education teaching methodology and locations of the proposed classrooms; 4) plans to upgrade the school’s technology; 5) continued review of landscaping strategies pertaining to the sidewalk and working with the City to ensure student and public safety; 6) the location and adjacencies related to the auditorium on the first floor; and, 7) the potential for financial support from the School’s Pro Art Partners.

The FAS requested that local officials work with their OPM to confirm understanding of ineligible scope, the City’s estimated share of the project cost and the impact to the reimbursement rate.

MSBA staff is currently working with the District to reach a mutually agreeable solution to recommend to the MSBA's Board of Directors.


Staff Summary of Meeting