Green Repair Program

In March 2010, the MSBA officially launched its one-time, $300 Million Green Repair Program. No additional projects will be invited to participate in the Green Repair Program moving forward; however, the MSBA anticipates that some districts might be eligible for participation in the MSBA’s Accelerated Repair Program which, like the Green Repair Program, offers districts the opportunity to complete repairs on roofs, windows, and boilers at multiple schools simultaneously. 
The Green Repair Program offered districts the opportunity to repair or replace roofs, windows and/or boilers in public school facilities that were otherwise structurally, functionally and educationally sound. Facilities in need of more extensive repair or renovation work – such as upgrades to electrical, plumbing or fire/life safety systems, renovation of interior spaces, improvements related to modernizing educational spaces, additional spaces based on capacity issues – were not eligible for funding under the Green Repair Program.
There are 189 projects participating in the Green Repair Program. Of these projects, over 150 are working with consultants selected from the MSBA’s pre-approved pool of Owner’s Project Managers and Designers.
The Green Repair Program allowed the MSBA to make much needed repairs to more than one school in a district, increasing the efficiency of more schools in less time and improving the learning environments for children and teachers throughout the Commonwealth. In order to maximize the impact of this program, invited districts were required to maintain an aggressive project schedule; therefore, participants were expected to appropriate funding quickly (see MSBA Vote Requirements) and use the streamlined Consultant Selection Process developed by the MSBA specifically for this program.

The MSBA assigned commissioning consultants to each MSBA-funded project as outlined in the Commissioning Requirements for Green Repair Projects.  

Questions about the Green Repair Program? Please contact Kevin Sullivan at (617) 720-4466.